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Choosing a First Dance Song

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How to choose your first dance song.

Are you struggling to choose your first dance song? For some couples this is really easy, but for others it’s one of the hardest decisions of the entire wedding planning process! Read on and we will try to take the stress out of choosing your first dance song with some tips acquired from our many years in the business..

First Dance Songs
Choosing your first dance song doesn’t need to be a painful process!

Choosing your first dance song can mean different things to different couples. For some its simply a case of ‘that’s OUR song’. End of.

However, for other couples it can be a nightmare! 9 times out of 10 the song that was No.1 on the week you met just isn’t going to cut it! Also it may be that your H2B/W2B have completely different musical tastes or the fact that you both don’t particularly like the idea of every single guest at your wedding watching you and your quickly rehearsed shuffle for 4 minutes.

Not to fear! As with the rest of your wedding, the first dance is all about YOU and your other half- nothing else. Its about being yourselves. Its about having a ball and should be enjoyable, so don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Read on and we will give you some valuable pointers in relation to choosing your first dance song, making sure you have the time of your life.


wedding dj
Your first dance should be all about you and your partner
Points to consider

Here are some of the methods couples generally use when choosing a first dance song and are well worth considering:

  • Many first dance songs have a special meaning for the couple. Maybe its a track that was getting a lot of airplay when you first met? Or possibly the tune that was playing when your eyes first met? Have a think. Was you and your partner’s meeting related to a particular song?
  • Some people choose a song that reminds them of a particular event- maybe a festival, concert or aspecial holiday together?
  • Are you having a themed wedding? Some couples choose a song to fit in with the particular theme of their wedding. Maybe its a retro/vintage theme and you might want to base the first dance song around this?
  • Are you a hopeless romantic? Maybe you want to choose a first dance song with a deep romantic theme? Something totally soppy to make your crowd go ‘ahhhh’
  • Do you both have a favorite band or artist? Maybe base your song  choice around one of the tracks from your favorite album? Or an all time classic?



First dance song
Can the band you booked play your song?
Can it be done?

Ok so you’ve booked a really good Wedding Band and the crowd is gonna be rocking. One thing to consider though..can they play your first dance song? There is no point in asking a swing band to play a rock track. Or getting a 80’s band to belt out ‘Thinking Out loud’!

Its a good idea when booking a band to ask can they play your first dance song or if they can learn it for the night

If the answer is no don’t panic, it’s still possible to have the song you want and the chances are you will have also booked a Wedding Dj.  Any Dj worth his/her salt will be on site and set up at the same time as your band. Ask the Dj to play your first dance song, and problem solved!

We hope that this article has helped you choose your first dance song. One important thing to remember above all else:

It’s your day. Do it your way!

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