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Ready to book a wedding Dj? 10 things to ask before you confirm.


Booking a Wedding Dj is a lot more than trying to find the cheapest deal!

Here are the top 10 questions you need to be asking before making that all important booking.

How much is it going to cost?

Before they book a Wedding Dj all too often the only question people are prepared to ask is ‘how much do you cost?’ It’s probably a lot more important to think about the level of service being offered. In the UK & Ireland a good Wedding Dj will cost Anything upwards of €450/£350 for a ‘after band’ set. Some may cost little less however it is important not to make a decision based on price alone.

Deciding factors are equipment quality, level of experience etc. A ‘cheap’ Dj is cheap for a reason.

Professional Wedding Dj’s are businesses like any other and have overheads like any other. Insurance, vehicle costs, premises, advertising etc. The £200 Dj has these overheads also and most of the time will be running at a loss. Hence the poor service.

Also beware overpriced Dj’s. No matter what hard sell a Dj gives you it should be pretty clear when someone is having a laugh!



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Book a Wedding Dj

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Can we meet up?

A good, professional Wedding Dj will have no trouble with this at all. In fact it is pretty standard for most good Dj’s to have this written into his/her contract. Many people don’t require it but once booked you should always have the option of a face to face consultation.

What time do you get set up?

A good Wedding Dj will be flexible and will try and arrive to fit in with you schedule. Generally he/she will aim to be on site around the time that your meal is due to end meaning that setup can start immediatly. It is bad practice for a Dj to arrive later than this as it can mean that your guests are waiting around for something to happen.

If you are having a band the Dj should aim to be on site at the same time as them to set up. This means there is no break in the music after they finish.

Are you PAT tested and insured?

PAT testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing.

This means all the Dj’s equipment has been tested for electrical safety. Sounds boring right? Wrong..

Many high end Wedding Venues in Ireland won’t even let a Dj through the door unless they can provide a test cert!

Same with Insurance. Any Dj worth his salt will carry Public Liability Insurance and they will have no problem showing a copy of this to you or your venue. Accept NO excuses and check before booking if required.



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Do you have a written contract?

Maybe another boring point but a contract is really important when booking any form of Wedding Entertainment. This states exactly what you are agreeing to and provides some re-assurance/piece of mind. Any professional Wedding Dj you book should have a contract. No excuses.

How long have you been Dj? Do You have Wedding experience ?

These days unfortunately anyone can buy some cheap gear of eBay and call themselves a Dj. This is why it is very important to get the lowdown on who you are potentially booking. Some questions to ask before you book your Wedding Dj- How long have you been in the game? Experience? How many weddings do you do per week/year?

Can we come see you at a wedding?

This is a question we get asked many many times before booking and the answer is always no. Why no?

Simple. It would be unprofessional for a Wedding Dj to ask potential customers along to someone’s wedding party without a invite. Put it in simple terms..would you like people you don’t even know walking around YOUR wedding party uninvited?

When you ask a book a wedding dj an ask for a quote every effort should be made by them to provide all the info you need to make up your mind. This includes videos, mixes, testimonials etc. Site visits should not be necessary.



Wedding Dj in Cavan
Our typical Wedding Dj setup including free Light Up LoVE sign



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What music do you play?

A professional Wedding Dj will have the skill and experience to keep the floor busy at all times. This means to he be able to play a range of music to suit ALL ages and styles.

He should be able to ‘read the crowd’ and in turn play music that will reflect the mood of your guests.

Often overlooked it is VERY IMPORTANT that a Dj is able to ‘mix’. Before booking ask him/her if there are any sample mixes you can listen to.

After you book you might like to give the DJ some guidelines or a list of tracks to fit into the evening that have gone down well at previous family weddings or are your own personal faves. This is no problem. After all it’s your party.. However a word of warning…Couples who try and play list the entire night very often handicap the DJ who will be unable to fit in requests from your guests or play a few of his own choices that are guarenteed get the dance floor shaking.

What equipment to you use? Do you have a backup?

When you book a Wedding Dj a professional will use only the best equipment on the market. Be warned before booking- substandard gear should NOT be tolerated. Also, in case of emergencies backup gear should ALWAYS be carried meaning in the event of a problem the party will carry on as normal.

Are you going to actually turn up?

Believe it or not a Wedding Dj gets asked this question more than any other! This is the reason you book a professional Wedding Dj. It’s their JOB to honour a booking. Even in the event of sickenss and death stand by Dj’s are ALWAYS used. This means your party will go on regardless. Another reason to stay away from the £200 guys. Some of the horror stories we have heard..


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wedding dj ireland

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